Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's in a name?

Nelson? Nelson-Rigtrup? Rigtrup? I hate it. When I got married I felt I had little choice. Having had Caleb when I was young and single I of course gave him my own last name (and I would not change that). I remember talking about it with friends when he was little, how to solve the problem of who I would be when I got married. Well, when Cory & I married we knew I would be a Nelson-Rigtrup. Social Security, drivers license, mortgage and other major loans - that's who I am. But, what about the other 99% of life?

I am constantly trying to figure out who the heck I am. I pretty much went by Nelson until Avery came into the mix. Then I tried to move to my hyphenated name so I could have the same name as my children, but I still go with Nelson most of the time (my work doesn't even really know the second half of my name). Whats a girl to do? I might not know my last name when companies ask, quite often I have to try a couple options to get to the right one for that account.

Another problem with a multi-name household is that damn sign by the door "The So & So's". Well, I still haven't solved that problem -- it would be "The Nelson-Rigtrup's" or "Rigtrup-Nelson's" & that just doesn't look as nice. I have to get the Nelson in there, because Caleb is just a Nelson. Hence, no welcome to the Smiths house sign at our door.

I tried to talk Cory into changing our name to the Rigson's to simplify, but he just wouldn't go for it. And one would think after being married for 5 years I'd of figured it out, but I haven't. And if you ever ask me my last name and I have to think about it, this is why.

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  1. Brea, you can be whoever you want to be - I'm just glad your my sister-in-law!