Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mt. Ranier or Bust!

Caleb has decided he wants to climb Mt. Ranier. I love it! He actually just researched what he needs to do to climb it & proceeded to put on his sweats and go out to the treadmill to run (he said he needs to run 45 minutes every day). How cool is that to decide you want to do something and go do it.

Now, we'll see what really happens with the Mt. Ranier thing. Training is a long process and it definitely is something that takes perserverance and a huge devotion of time. He told me August would be the best time to climb and he needs to research how old you should be to do it (he thinks 16/he's 12). Another great thing about being a kid is you can change your mind at the drop of a hat, no big deal \"/

What's in a name?

Nelson? Nelson-Rigtrup? Rigtrup? I hate it. When I got married I felt I had little choice. Having had Caleb when I was young and single I of course gave him my own last name (and I would not change that). I remember talking about it with friends when he was little, how to solve the problem of who I would be when I got married. Well, when Cory & I married we knew I would be a Nelson-Rigtrup. Social Security, drivers license, mortgage and other major loans - that's who I am. But, what about the other 99% of life?

I am constantly trying to figure out who the heck I am. I pretty much went by Nelson until Avery came into the mix. Then I tried to move to my hyphenated name so I could have the same name as my children, but I still go with Nelson most of the time (my work doesn't even really know the second half of my name). Whats a girl to do? I might not know my last name when companies ask, quite often I have to try a couple options to get to the right one for that account.

Another problem with a multi-name household is that damn sign by the door "The So & So's". Well, I still haven't solved that problem -- it would be "The Nelson-Rigtrup's" or "Rigtrup-Nelson's" & that just doesn't look as nice. I have to get the Nelson in there, because Caleb is just a Nelson. Hence, no welcome to the Smiths house sign at our door.

I tried to talk Cory into changing our name to the Rigson's to simplify, but he just wouldn't go for it. And one would think after being married for 5 years I'd of figured it out, but I haven't. And if you ever ask me my last name and I have to think about it, this is why.

It started like this...

Well, here I go. I remember years ago I used to write (journal). All the time, just because it helped me get my thoughts in order and I could let things go. I rarely write anymore. I try to write letters to the kids for them to read in later life, but those are very infrequent. I have been reading some old friends blogs and really admire all that they are doing in their lives, and what a spectacular job they are doing as parents & conscious human beings (Theresa, Tamis, April…I’m talking about you). Can you imagine if our parents would have been nearly as involved with us as we are with our kids, wow! Today I was walking in the mall after work and saw a woman walking with her maybe 25ish daughter and they had they’re arms around each other, how sweet! I don’t think I’ve ever felt that physically or mentally open and close to my mother but I sure the heck hope that I am like that with my kids someday.

So we go. I thought I'd start a blog. Being someone who’s memory has gone to crap (I am really going to have young onset Alzheimer’s disease some day!) I figure I can try this. Quite often my life feels uneventful in many ways, but then I look at everything we do and I know its not. For several years we have been focusing on our kids, our home (and the one we sold), and our work. Between work & life, rotating shifts (DAMN GRAVEYARD!) and mid-week days off for my hubby to coincide with my regular weekends off, I think I have gotten sidetracked from myself. There really is little time for me to venture out. Maybe will get me back in touch with myself and those around me.

Thanks for the inspiration girls, I really admire you!