Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mt. Ranier or Bust!

Caleb has decided he wants to climb Mt. Ranier. I love it! He actually just researched what he needs to do to climb it & proceeded to put on his sweats and go out to the treadmill to run (he said he needs to run 45 minutes every day). How cool is that to decide you want to do something and go do it.

Now, we'll see what really happens with the Mt. Ranier thing. Training is a long process and it definitely is something that takes perserverance and a huge devotion of time. He told me August would be the best time to climb and he needs to research how old you should be to do it (he thinks 16/he's 12). Another great thing about being a kid is you can change your mind at the drop of a hat, no big deal \"/


  1. My brother did it when he was about 16 but he was with my uncle who was much older! Very cool.

  2. Too cool Brea! Wow he has grown so much!!!

  3. BTW, You are too sweet with your comments about me! Touches my heart! Luv u!