Sunday, April 12, 2009

Orlando, Disney World here we come... 2009

After Clearwater Beach we ventured back over to Orlando where we met Cory's Mom, Dad & brother Jordan for the remaining week. We had a blast. WOW, Florida is so incredibly BIG. Everything is built around the tourist industry and I think you could spend a month there and still not run out of things to do. There is something to do everywhere you go. Put-put, arcades, amusement parks, water parks, shopping malls. Everything is huge! I would love to go back but it would be in February not the prime of April spring break. I had thought we were in a recession. The word on the street was that no one was traveling, but I think everyone that was going out of town for spring break must of headed to Orlando. LONG lines & HUGE crowds were everywhere. We had planned to spend 5 days at the Disney Parks, that should be plenty of time right? NOT!!! Do you realize Disney World is the largest recreational resort in the world, containing four theme parks; two water parks and so much more. It is roughly the size of San Francisco. Just figuring out how to get around can be a challenge. This is our second Disney vacation with Cory's parents and we enjoy it so much. We are able to break off for some grown up time (we had the most fabulous dinner out at a Brazilian restaurant one night) and the kids are able to get some great one on one time with grampa & grandma.

Orlando was a blast. I think we rode enough rides to last us a very long time. Avery was a trooper and was continuously impressing her brother by going on rides like Space Mountain all by herself (after standing on her tippy-toes with a very high pony tail of course!). Avery also got to get made into a very real princess at the Bippity Boppity Boutique in Cinderella's castle, so sweet. While me & the boys went to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Grandma Sue took Avery for the to Disney World for the whole day and let her call the shots. They had SO much fun and Avery came back with tons of memories, she was particularly excited about Mickey's Philharmonic Orchestra. She was so stinking cute talking about her exciting day with Grandma!

Caleb got to ride all the huge roller coasters over at Busch Gardens (that's where the real hard core roller coasters were). Busch Gardens was packed, but it really is an awesome park. He also got to sit on a live alligator at Gatorland (it's amazing how quick they can get those kids on and off there for $5). He was also able to spend the majority of a day over at Epcot with Grampa & Grandma Rigtrup. He had a great time and was happy not to have to do some of the little kid stuff with Avery.

One of our favorite things of the whole trip was our day at Discovery Cove. This place is so incredible. They limit the number of guests to 1000 a day and everything is all inclusive. We were able to swim and meet with dolphins (amazing) and manta rays. There were also huge Aviary's & tropical lagoons as well as a huge lazy river to float down. This was another highlight of the trip. This is a trip we will remember for a long time and I am so glad the some of the Rigtrups were able to enjoy it with us. So much happened on this very week and I wish I could post it all. Memories that we'll have for our lifetime!

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