Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clearwater Beach 2009

So this is a VERY delayed post. Last April we were able to snatch up some very cheap tickets round trip to Florida. This was a particularly happy moment because from January to April Seattle weather was awful. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest I do not usually mind the rain, but this year it just wouldn't stop. Yippee, Yippee, Yay -- sunshine here we come! We spent 9 days on the sunny East Coast (farther then any of us has ever been). We ventured over to the gulf coast for a couple days to a lovely little island called Clearwater Beach. I heard that if you go to Clearwater Beach super at sunrise the water is so clear you can see right through to the bottom. Awesome! This place fit our meaning of "vacation". We got to hang out on the soft sand and play at the beach for hours on end in the hot sun. We got to be lazy and have nice dinners out (our favorite by far was "Frenchys" an outdoor beach restaurant with great live music) and walk along the shore lazily at night. Caleb even climbed up a coconut tree and picked his very own coconut, something the person he sat on the plane ride over told him to try. We stayed at the Marriott Suites right on the water, this was a treat!

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