Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a couple favorites!

Okay just a couple of my favorite sites:

Love this site for their return department. I have scored some great deals on this site for lighting. I have gotten several Robert Abbey lamps for under $100 -- that's a great price! They have tons of different items (lighting is just one department) and a great return policy. What that means for us is 1/2 off the return items. I have found some sites to have 1/2 off sales, but the fact is it is 1/2 off some fake retail price. Well I have found this site to have a legit discount to other prices on the web. They have some great brands and their stock is updated periodically.

Best thing about them? They do stand behind their company. I ran into 2 problems with orders. One time a Robert Abbey lamp showed up without the shade -- I think their shades are handcrafted, but the company was happy to get me another direct from the manufacturer. Another time, the glass part of my lamp broke in the mail. After a quick email they gave me a full refund, and I got to keep the lamp (I took off the glass piece). 2 thumbs up!

Need deals on gear?

A painfully slow website but their prices are great. Another site that sells returns or items new without tags items. Many at super discount prices. Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Arcteryx, Northface jackets for $25, pants for $5 -- check it out, you might like what you find! Anybody can sell here but you will see a lot of items from companies like Tons of their stuff is the same brands and items you see at REI (another of my favorites for customer service). Just be sure to read the descriptions because you will run into stuff in a lot of different conditions and sizes.

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